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Artista Osddiez Cuarzo

Freeman&Reimu Omega
Sardonyx Amezonss

Escuchado en "Los Jugadores Nunca veran el Sol"
Es una cancion cantada en Los Jugadores Nunca veran el Sol

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Osd (Cantando): This is Garnet

Back Together

And i'm never goin' down at the hands of a like of you

beause i'm so much better

and every part of me is sayn' go to get her

two of us if gonna follow you rules

come at me without any of your fancy tools

let's go just me and you

let's go just one on two

go ahead me try hit me if you're able

can't you see is my relashontship is stable

i can see is the way if you're intermingle

but i'm mean if the cause as if your'e single

you never goin' stop but will made together

And you're not gonna stop what we made together.

We're gonna stay like this forever.

If you break us apart, we'll just come back newer.

And we'll always be twice the gem you are.

I am made








And its Stronger than You

Eze (Cantando): Well Well Well

Welcome to my LAIR

Chell and a Potato huh?

oooh i'm really scared

so you're the ones that wanna take me out ha ha ha good luck

you're joking you are joking i don't belive my eye

you're kidding me, you 've gotta be!?

why won't you just die

she's fat you're starchy

i'dont know wich is worse

i might you blow circuit... if i dont' die laughing first!

when li'l old wheatley says:

"there's trouble behind that door!"

you'd betterbetter pay attention now!

because i'm the wheatley core

and i' you aron't shaking

... than there someting very wrong!

because this may be the last time

that you hear the wheatley song!







he's the evil Wheatley core

Ame (Cantando): Tengo que ser

siempre el mejor

mejor que nadie mas

atraparlos mi prueba es

entrenarlos mi ideal

yo viajare de aqui y alla

buscando hasta el fin

oh pokemon

yo entendere... tu poder interior

¡Pokemon! tengo que atraparlos

tu y yo nuestro destino asi es

ohhhh mi amigo fiel

en un mundo por salvar

¡Pokemon! tengo que atraparlos

mi amor es real

nuestro valor vencera

te enseñare y tu tambien


atraparlos ya

atraparlos ya